Your Toddler At 2 Years 10 Months

At this age, your toddler has reached a lot of development milestones. Your toddler is also developing emotionally. You will also observe improved cognitive skills and enhanced language. In this age, it is extremely important for your little one to get enough sleep for around 12 to 13 hours a day. In case of any difference, make sure you consult a child specialist.

Weight and height

The weight and height ranges differ in male and female. Make sure your child is showing progress as far as the weight and height is concerned.
• If your child is a boy then the weight and height should lie between 9.5 – 14.5 kg and 80.5 – 91.6 cm respectively.
• If your child is a girl then the weight and height should lie between 8.5-13 kg and 60.5-80.6 cm respectively.

Baby’s milestones
At this age, some of the mastered skills include imitating other’s behavior and ability to recognize the family member. At this age, you will find your toddler is scared of imaginary things. Your toddler will begin to learn things along with having firm ideas about his aims. Here are some of the milestones:

Physical milestones
At this age, toilet training is started. By this time, the physical milestones include the ability to wash, walk up and down the stairs, throw and catch balls, jump, get dressed, turn pages, and ride a tricycle.

Social and emotional milestones
The social milestone at this age includes naming a friend, toilet training in the daytime, and playing games. The emotions such as guilt and shame are also visible by this age. Temper tantrums and crying are normal as well.

Language milestones
At this age, your child should be able to know almost 300 words. He/she should be able to make a sentence with almost 3-5 words. Most of the speech should be understandable. Verbs, correct selection of words, and lingual concept should be taught at this time of age.

Cognitive milestones
As far as thinking and learning are concerned, your child should be able to know his name and age. He should be able to engage in a tricky game, counting objects, solving puzzles, along with retelling stories.

Health and nutrition
Mealtime should be fun. Make sure the meal includes healthy and interesting things. Eat the same food with your little one. Make sure he adapts healthy eating habits. Nutrition should include omega-3 fat rich food such as fish and whole cow’s milk. Iron-rich food such as beans, beef, and enriched grains should be served as well.

• Make sure your little one gets an adequate amount of sleep
• Make sure you motivate and make your little one independent
• Ensure adding healthy and yummy food to his diet
• Don’t force and scold on every different thing

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